BLACKPINK Jennie attracted attention for releasing a dance cover video of Justin Bieber’s hit, but she had shyly to admit one thing

Although Jennie has just learned the dance and hasn’t mastered it yet, she still uploaded the video and asked fans to watch it just for fun.

On September 5, Jennie (BLACKPINK) posted a video of her dancing to Justin Bieber’s song “Peaches” with dancer Silvergun on her Instagram:

“I couldn’t uploadthis video on Youtube. This is the first time I’ve learned the choreography and I still made lots of mistakes. However, I enjoyed the dance practice with Eun Chong unnie, so I still posted it here even though I’m quite embarrassed. Have you prepared the last part? I’m still shy because this is the first time that I’ve tried this kind of choreography. Therefore, I will not upload it on Youtube. I will prepare more carefully before I made a Youtube video. Just watch this video for fun, okay?”

It is known that Jennie has always been a perfectionist at work. She is constantly striving to provide the most perfect and considerate experiences for her fans. It came out that the SOLO singer wanted to post the first, incomplete video version on social media this time to cherish the beautiful time she had with her close senior. The female star did not forget to tell her fans that when she has the chance, she will show them a better version.

After seeing the video, netizens did not hold it against Jennie, but instead complimented her:

  • Jennie is incredible; she already slays it on the first day of practice.
  • Cute Jennie. She has a wonderful dancing style and flowing moves.
  • I have watched this video three thousand times
  • Love you Jendukie
  • She is so amazing


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