What Lisa said when her achievements were compared with Jennie and Rose

Lisa of BLACKPINK, Kpop’s representative girl group, has officially debuted as a solo artist. On the morning of September 10, an online press conference took place to celebrate the release of Lisa’s first solo album ‘LALISA’.

Lisa BlackPink, who will be doing solo promotions 5 years after Black Pink’s debut, said, “I’m very nervous and can’t believe it. While practicing the choreography, I thought, ‘Is this the beginning?’ It started to feel real when filming the MV. I’m happy to show you my first solo.”

Previously, BLACKPINK members Jennie and Rosé released their solo albums in 2018 and March 2021, respectively, and broke many records as K-pop female soloists. As the third BLACKPINK member to go solo, Lisa broke all previous records. Her album’s pre-order sales have surpassed 800,000 copies, setting a new record for the number of pre-orders of an album by a female K-pop solo artist.

Lisa shared, “Both Jennie and Rosé did well, so I put in a lot of effort. All of these are for Blinks. “

Regarding LALISA setting a new record for the highest number of pre-orders of a female K-pop solo artist, she said, “It seems that my work as BLACKPINK’s Lisa has been well received. I want to repay you with good energy.”

Looking back on her activities over the past 5 years, Lisa shared, “I learned a lot from trying out different genres of music and collaborating with different artists. Through those processes, this album was created. Most importantly, we have gained a lot of strength thanks to Blinks’ support and love given to us during the past 5 years.”

When asked if there are any records she is aiming for with this album, she said, “I want you to show a new side of Lisa rather than the rankings. If Blinks are satisfied with my song and stage, I am happy with that.”

Lisa’s solo album will be released on various music platforms at 1PM today. Her first solo stage will be broadcast on NBC’s featured talk show ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ in the US.

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