A famous dancer attracts attention for looking like BLACKPINK Jennie

The dancer who looks like Jennie once attracted attention thanks to her idol-like visual on performance stages.

Recently, fans are widely sharing a behind-the-scenes clip of a dancer whose body and face look exactly like BLACKPINK Jennie’s.

Netizens were surprised at the similarity between the dancer and Jennie:

  • I thought it was Jennie.
  • Oh, isn’t that Jennie?
  • In other clips, she also looks a lot like Jennie.
  • She appeared in Baekhyun’s Candy, right?

It turns out that this girl is not a stranger.  Her name is Jihyang, born in 1994. Jihyang is a dancer in the Freemind crew of choreographer Choi Youngjun – the coach of Produce 101 season 2 and Produce X 101. 


The clip of Jihyang above was filmed at the backstage of Hyuna and Dawn’s PING PONG performance at Music Bank on September 24.

Before that, Jihyang used to take the spotlight when dancing with Baekhyun in “Candy” or with Kang Daniel in 2U.  In addition, she is also a familiar backup dancer of Jessi, Somi, IU, Taemin, PSY, Hyomin…

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