The most controversial “Global Ambassadors” of Kpop: from ill-fitted to lackluster aura

Many Kpop idols are being announced as ambassadors for fashion brands. However, netizens believe that some of them don’t deserve the title 

Becoming the “Global Ambassador”, especially for large brands, is something many Kpop idols dream to achieve. As a global ambassador will have the chance to appear in various events and campaigns, they will be promoted on a world-wide scale, and cladded in stunning and expensive items every time. 

Now, many Kpop idols are being crowned with such a title. However, not all of them managed to pull it off, leading to controversies and mixed reactions.

In the 4th generation of Kpop, idol groups are breaching stronger into the fashion realm. A recent case is the JYP rookie group NMIXX, who have just been announced as the global ambassador for Loewe. 

However, after the Spanish designer house announced such a news, reactions are mixed, seeing that NMIXX have little experience in modeling, and are not regarded highly when it comes to pictorial shooting. 

Another controversial case is aespa, who are currently global ambassadors from fashion brand Givenchy and jewelry brand Chopard. However, many netizens mocked the group for being “ill-fitted” to such a title, and even speculated that SM Entertainment has “purchased” such an honor. They believe that aespa needs further improvement on their poses and expression in pictorials, and has a “lackluster presence” when it comes to fashion. 

On the other hand, back in August 2022, ITZY was announced as the official global ambassador for Charles & Keith. However, instead of receiving the title right after debut like aespa and NMIXX, ITZY took a long time to achieve such a position. Over time, netizens found that ITZY show a stronger high fashion presence, though they believe that “there is still ground for improvements.”

In most other cases, a Kpop idol will only be named a brand’s global ambassador after having worked with them for a long time. A prime example of this would be BLACKPINK, who, despite their remarkable influence, only earned global ambassadors titles after numerous photoshoots, collaborations, fashion shows, and more with brands like Dior, Saint Lauren, Celine, Chanel, and so on. 

For instance, Jisoo began working with Cartier in 2019, but only in 2022 was she crowned the global ambassador title. Meanwhile, Lisa went through a variety of schedules with various brands before settling on Celine.

Additionally, Jang Wonyoung, who is considered the “IT girl” of the 4th generation, had a long period of taking pictorials and building up her portfolio before being named as the ambassador for MiuMiu and Fred. Compared to the speed of aespa and NMIXX, Jang Wonyoung’s pace in the fashion world is considerably slower.

Source: yan

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