“His legs are so smooth”, BTS V’s friendship tattoo is on his thigh? 

The location of BTS V’s friendship tattoo with his group members has been revealed. 

On the afternoon of December 3rd, the tattooist who worked on BTS’ friendship tattoos said, “Thanks to BTS V! (I posted after V’s tattoo was uploaded. Suga’s tattoo will be published after Suga revealed it first. BTS friendship tattoo 7. Hello, I’m tattooist POLYC. We worked on friendship tattoos for BTS members, which attracted a lot of attention. In order to show the meaning of friendship between BTS members, we worked on it after sufficient discussion with the members.

BTS V tatto

The published photo shows V’s thigh with BTS’ friendship tattoo, a “7”, engraved on it. V, who boasts round knees, stands out with a beautiful lettered friendship tattoo on his thigh. Fans who saw the image showed various reactions, such as “His legs are so smooth”, “The tattoo is pretty”, and “His knees are also cute”. 

On the other hand, when the 7 tattoos on the body of all BTS members are put together, they form the word “BTS”. Upon seeing this, fans of the group show their excitement via comments such as “BTS form a big picture together”, “This is crazy”, and “I can feel my goosebumps”. 

Source: Nate

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