73–year-old yet play a 14-year-old girl in “Avatar 2”, this actress was drop-dead gorgeous in the past

Thanks to CGI technology, “Avatar 2” can even turn an 73-year-old actress into a teenage girl 

Avatar: The Way of Water” (or “Avatar 2”), is currently recording impressive box office sales and  is expected to break its own records. In addition, netizens are quickly looking for information about the cast members, leading to being surprised by the actress that plays the 14-year-old Kiri. 

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In particular, Kiri is portrayed by movie star Sigourney Weaver, who is 73 years old in real life and is around 180 cm tall. It is known that the actress has to practice her voice in order to match the age of her character. 

Sigourney Weaver avatar 2
Thanks to CGI, Sigourney Weaver can turn into a 14-year-old girl 

The 73-year-old actress still draws attention with her appearances on red carpets and magazine pictorials 

Even at the age of 73, Sigourney still impresses with her impressive fashion style. As an iconic Hollywood star, she is often featured in famous magazines like Vogue and Elle, and even get to appear at prestigious events like Met Gala and the Oscars .

Avatar Sigourney Weaver
Sigourney becomes the talk of town with her appearances at prestigious events 
Avatar Sigourney Weaver
Her impressive fashion style helps Sigourney shine

An impressive height in Hollywood

Since a young age, Sigourney has always boasted remarkable height compared to friends, and by the time she reached 11 years old, the actress was already 179 cm tall. According to an interview with The Dallas Morning News back in 1989, she confessed that height led to her losing a lot of roles across her career. In addition, she can easily surpass 190 cm with heels on. 

Avatar Sigourney Weaver
Even on flats, Sigourney (outer left) easily  overwhelms her colleague in heels.

Sigourney said she would be 180 cm barefoot, but many audiences believe such information is wrong. In fact, through her daily life photos, the actress looks way taller, and iMDb even listed her height as 185 cm.

Avatar Sigourney Weaver
The actress is even compared to a “giant” for her massive height 
Avatar Sigourney Weaver
The interesting height gap between Sigourney Weaver and director Roman Polanski 

A “Nepo Baby” who flaunts eye-catching appearance since her youth

Born in 1949, Sigourney, as both her parents worked in the entertainment industry. Her father, Pat Weaver, was a famous producer and chairman of broadcasting channel NBC back in 1953-1955. Meanwhile, her mother is actress Elizabeth Inglis, who became a star after the 1940 movie “The Letter”. In fact, Sigourney Weaver’s uncle also works in entertainment as a comedian. 

Avatar Sigourney Weaver
Sigourney Weaver  can be considered what we now call “nepo baby”, with both parents working in the entertainment industry 

The actress’ birthname was actually Susan Alexandra Weaver, but she started to go by Sigourney at the age of 14. She officially joined the entertainment industry at 22 years old, and rose to stardom via a leading role in the horror classic “Alien”. As of the moment, Sigourney has won 2 Golden Globe Awards for Best Leading Actress and Best Supporting Actress in the 80s. She was also the talk of town in her youth, having boasted an alluring visuals and physique with mature charms. 

Avatar Sigourney Weaver
Sigourney Weaver started using Sigourney as her name when she was 14 years old
Avatar Sigourney Weaver
The actress exploded in popularity after starring in the horror classic Alien
Avatar Sigourney Weaver
Back in her youth, people simply could not hold back praise on Sigourney Weaver’s alluring body and impressive visuals. 

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