The romance thing that Rosé (BLACKPINK) secretly gave to Hyeri (Girls’ Day) deeply touched netizens

Hyeri said Rosé (BLACKPINK) is a true romanticist

Recently, Rosé (BLACKPINK) and Hyeri (Girl’s Day) appeared together as guests on the March 20 broadcast of the show ‘Knowing Bros’ (JTBC).  This is one of the activities that Rosé does to promote her solo debut, and the female idol’s best friend Hyeri also comes along to cheer and share interesting stories about their friendship.

When asked how they became friends, Hyeri shared that they met when Rosé and Jisoo were guests on tvN’s ‘Amazing Saturday’.  The cast of ‘Knowing Bros’ asked what Rosé and Hyeri did when they went out together, and the BFF couple replied that they often chatted passionately, ate delicious food together, and went shopping.

The cast of the show then mentioned that Hyeri and Rosé always showed mutual support by sending coffee trucks to the sets of one another’s dramas and music videos, Hyeri shared the story of the time she was most touched by Rosé’s thoughtfulness.

“It was my birthday, and Rosé was on tour abroad,” recalled Hyeri. “She wished me a happy birthday by text, and I replied, ‘Thanks! Do a great job [on the tour] and come home safe!’ But then suddenly, my doorbell rang. Someone had delivered a bouquet of flowers to my home. I wondered who could possibly have sent it because no one knows my home address. So I looked at the bouquet of flowers, and it was from Rosé.”

“I live with my parents, so Rosé has never been to my house,” Hyeri went on. “So I was really curious how she figured out my home address, but she wouldn’t tell me.”

Rosé then revealed her secret: “I spent a lot of time thinking, ‘How can I get ahold of her home address?’ But then I remembered that Hyeri had told me about her younger sister, and she showed me her Instagram once. So I went back into my memories and found her sister’s Instagram account.”

Rosé went on to explain: “I then used my official Instagram account to send her sister a long private message explaining who I am. I introduced myself as Hyeri’s best friend.” And since then, the main vocal of the BLACKPINK got Hyeri’s home address to send flowers to celebrate her birthday.

After that, Hyeri also constantly mentioned that her BFF is a true romanticist who likes to bring sweetness and surprise to others.  For example, Rosé will contact Hyeri whenever she goes on filming or unexpectedly sends her coffee trucks.

Some comments from Knet after hearing the friendship story between Rosé and Hyeri:

– It’s so sweet!

– Rosé is so sweet !!

– I admire their friendship.

– I also want a friend like that …

– Rosé is a really thoughtful person, she not only remembers Hyeri’s birthday but also her filming schedule.

 – You must learn to take good care of those around you !!

Behind the scenes video of Rosé and Hyeri at ‘Knowing Bros’.

Source: Knowing Brothers

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