7 fatal charming points of BLACKPINK Jennie, who has had dating rumors with EXO, BIGBANG, and BTS members

BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V’s romance rumor is still a viral topic online.

Both agencies have been silent on their dating rumors, but various stories seem to keep surfacing as they are both “superstars.”

In the aftermath, Jennie‘s past love stories are being re-examined.

BTS V Jennie

Jennie admitted to dating EXO Kai in 2019, but the couple broke up a month after revealing their relationship. Since then, last year, Jennie has drawn attention once again due to her dating rumor with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, who is her senior of the same agency.

Jennie has got into dating rumors with internationally popular male idols such as Kai, G-Dragon, and V. Some say, “If it’s Jennie, honestly, you can’t deny her charm,” and that it’s totally understandable how she is loved by men so much.


Let’s take a look at Jennie’s charms that are so attractive that dating rumors can’t help but come to her.

1. “Cute + sexy” visual that coexists

Nicknamed “Jendeukie,” Jennie is a star with cute cheeks and mouth shape.


However, Jennie also impresses with her sexy and seductive atmosphere on stage.

Recently, Jennie shook fans’ hearts by introducing the “underboob fashion” that exposes the bottom of her chest.

2. An ant waist so thin that it might breaks

Jennie, who boasts a slender body, often wears outfits that emphasize her fragile waist.

Looking at Jennie’s slim waist, which seems to be less than 20 inches, stimulates everyone’s protective instinct toward her.


She also became a wannabe figure for women because of her strong abs.

3. Supercar and extraordinary wealth

Mnet’s “TMI NEWS SHOW,” which aired on May 25th, unveiled a list of “Young & Rich” stars driving expensive cars.

tmi show

BLACKPINK Jennie was ranked 9th. She has a Porsche worth 290 million won, which stands out for its red seats.

4. A perfect no make-up, bare face

Jennie appeared on SBS’s “Village Survival, the Eight” in 2018 and revealed her bare face several times.

blackpink jennie

At that time, Jennie showed off her pretty beauty that cannot be covered even by her disheveled hair and glasses.

The viewers showed various reactions, such as “Even her bare face is perfect” and “She looks so pretty without makeup.”

5. An eccentric and cheerful personality that makes everyone smile

In the past, Jennie has shown off her unexpected and lively side through SBS’s “Village Survival, the Eight.”

blackpink jennie

She said she has never harvested green onions herself because she’s afraid that they might be hurt, and while taking the quiz, she said, “I’m pretty, right? I have a lot of money. I’m at YG,” to appeal herself.

When MC Yoo Jae-seok asked, “What does YG have to do with this?” Jennie said, “Just in case you like hip-hop,” drawing laughter.

6. Cute charms that capture fans’ hearts

Jennie, who usually boasts a cute way of speaking, is famous for her aegyo.

blackpink jennie

Jennie was playing the “Action Hunminjeongeum” game on SBS’s “Village Survival, the Eight,” and when the initial “S-B” came out, she immediately ran to MC Yoo Jae-seok and said, “Husband.”

She also excited the brothers by showing a refreshing biting heart on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros”.

7. A warm personality that takes care of the people around her

Jennie, when she was promoting as a soloist in the past, thanked her fans for their support.

blackpink jennie

Jennie prepared generous gifts for her fans, including a set of three scented candles and cafe coupons.

In addition, Jennie showed a warm side of her by distributing hand-signed CDs to the staff who were working together with her.

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