Did you realize: in BTS’s new hit, Jin is not the background anymore, the center position has changed?

“Boy With Luv” is taking all the record in the music industry by storm, and the position of each BTS member in the MV is also what the fans are caring about.

On the past April 12th, BTS officially came back with the new album “Map Of The Soul: Persona” and the MV “Boy With Luv” featuring the famous American female singer Halsey. Only a few hours after the release, this MV immediately kicked down many previous record and becomes the kings of Youtube.

Apart from the achievement, fans are also focusing on the appearance of the 7 boys in the MV, especially Jin. The eldest of BTS is usually considered as the most unlucky member due to his short singing lines, unimpressive roles and little screentime in most MVs of BTS. That’s why, fans always hope that Jin’s talent could shine and leave many deep impression in BTS’s music product.

Jin is a member who usually has very short singing line and little screentime in BTS’s MVs.

But everything has changed when Jin surprised fans by being the 3rd member with the most singing lines in “Boy With Luv”. The handsome idol also charms the audience by many attractice scenes in the MVs and not just some short, uninteresting scenes like in the past.

Not just a blurry appearance anymore, Jin is now everyone’s favourite with his attractive scenes in the MV.

There is even a scene where Jin appeared by himself with Halsey which excites fans.

Also, many are saying that the center for this comeback has changed. Jungkook was the member who is in charge of this important position in the previous MV. But this time, the youngest doesn’t pop out too much, instead Jimin is the member with most spotlight this time.

Jungkook is in charge of the center position in BTS’s previous songs.
But in this comeback, many fans think that Jimin has been chosen for this important position.

From the very first notes, Jimin charms everyone with his sweet and light vocal. Comparing to main vocal Jungkook’s parts, Jimin’s voice is on the same level. This male idol is also placed at the center position many times.

Jimin impresses from the very first note.
Jimin impresses from the very first note.
This member also appears the most in the MV.
The center postion during the chorus choreography of Jungkook is now given to Jimin.

“Boy With Luv” impresses fans with the choreography scenes with Halsey and Jimin is the member who does the duo dancing part with the female artist in one of the most important parts of the MV. Once again, Jimin finished his parts perfectly, proves his irreplacable title of “the god of killing parts” in BTS.

The most worth-watching scene in the MV was the duo dance between Jimin and Halsey.
BTS’s “god of killing part” is back once again!
BTS ft. Halsey – “BOY WITH LUV” MV

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