“Visual” sisters in Korean showbiz: Jang Won Young & Jang Da Ah, Jessica & Krystal, and more

There are many beautiful and talented star sisters in the Korean entertainment industry.

With the recent news of IVE Jang Won Young’s older sister making her debut in the Korean showbiz, netizens once again bring up the topic of celebrity sisters. Apart from their outstanding visuals, these sisters always show strong support to each other despite pursuing different fields. 

Jessica & Krystal

Making their debut in two different groups, Girls’ Generation and f(x), Jessica and Krystal are known as representative star sisters in the K-pop industry.

Krystal Jessica

Jessica, who always shows extraordinary affection for her younger sister, hosted a special birthday party for Krystal, making her sister burst into tears. Recently, she also left a cute comment on Krystal’s SNS post, saying “You’re so cute that I think I’m gonna die?♥”

Jessica left Girls’ Generation in 2014. Last year, she made headlines with her appearance on the Chinese girl group survival program “Sisters Who Make Waves” as a contestant. Meanwhile, Krystal is preparing for the release of the movie “Coweb” directed by PD Kim Ji Woon.

Gong Seung Yeon & Gong Jeong Yeon

TWICE member Jeongyeon (Gong Jeong Yeon) and actress Gong Seung Yeon are also sisters.

The two have consistently shown support for each other. Jeongyeon boasted on her SNS that she was watching Gong Seung Yeon’s drama live, while Gong Seung Yeon did TWICE’s song challenge to cheer for Jeongyeon.

Gong Seung Yeon & Gong Jeong Yeon

The sisters also practice good deeds and spread positive influence together. They were spotted volunteering at animal shelters and taking care of abandoned dogs many times.

Jeongyeon’s group TWICE released their 12th mini album “READY TO BE” on the 10th of last month. Gong Seung Yeon has been cast in the drama “We Will Replace the Trip”.

Lee Yoo Bi & Lee Da In

Lee Da In, who is marrying actor Lee Seung Gi today (April 7th), is the younger sister of actress Lee Yoo Bi. Both are daughters of famous actress Kyeon Mi Ri.

Lee Yoo-bi Lee Da-in

Lee Da In debuted in the 2014 series “Twenty Years Old” then made her face known to the public after starring in “Make a Woman Cry”, “Hwarang”, “Doctor Prisoner”, etc. She recently confirmed her role in MBC’s “Lovers”, which is set to premiere in the second half of this year.

Lee Yoo Bi has been steadily doing acting activities since her debut in 2011 through “Vampire Idol”. She will greet the small screen viewers with a new character in SBS’s drama “7 Escape” this year.

Jang Da Ah & Jang Won Young 

The public is looking forward to seeing interactions between IVE Jang Won Young and her older sister Jang Da Ah, who just announced her debut in the entertainment industry as an actress. 

jang wonyoung sis

Earlier on April 7th, King Kong by Starship told XportsNews, “We signed an exclusive contract with Jang Da Ah”, adding “She will begin carrying out various activities, starting with a commercial shoot”. King Kong by Starship is an actor label of Starship Entertainment, which is currently managing Jang Won Young and her group IVE.

On online communities, netizens are calling Jang Da Ah by the nickname “sister who is even prettier than her younger sister” and raising expectations for the future performances of both IVE visual Jang Won Young and her sister Jang Da Ah.

Source: Daum

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