“2021 K-pop TikTok Infographic”: 92.8% of TikTok K-pop contents created by overseas users

Global short-form mobile video platform TikTok and music start-up Space Oddity unveiled the “2021 K-pop TikTok Infographic”, which analyzes K-pop video data on TikTok for the first time.

The “2021 K-pop TikTok Infographic” contains the analysis of K-pop video data (October 1, 2018 ~ September 30, 2021) on TikTok over the past three years. 

2021 K-pop TikTok

The number of K-pop videos on TikTok, which reached 33.5 million in 2019, nearly tripled to 97.87 million as of September this year. Of these, 92.8% were created by overseas users, and Indonesia ranked first among countries that generated the most videos using K-pop music sources with 16.4%.

2021 K-pop TikTok

The TikTok hashtag challenge, which is more effective as it can expose sound sources to an unspecified number of people, has become a major means of comeback promotion for K-pop artists, starting with the success of singer Zico’s Any Song Challenge in early 2019. The number of official K-pop hashtag challenges per month on TikTok, which has increased nearly 10 times compared to 2019, proves this.

2021 K-pop TikTok

Besides, according to the “TikTok Popular K-pop Artists”, BTS charted at No.1 as the K-pop artist with the most cumulative followers. StayC topped the list of rising K-pop artists with the highest follower growth rate over the past six months.

2021 K-pop TikTok
2021 K-pop TikTok
2021 K-pop TikTok

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