Song Recommended by BTS V Tops Billboard’s “Hot Trending Songs Chart”

According to Billboard, Daniel Caesar’s “Vince Van Gogh” has topped the Billboard Hot Trending Songs Chart. The Hot Trending Songs Chart is a chart that tracks real-time trending songs, music, themes, and trends on Twitter, signifying the most talked-about song.

“Vince Van Gogh” is a track from the album “Never Enough” released on April 7th, and it has caused an anomaly by climbing to the top of the “Hot Trending Songs Chart” a month after release.

Billboard News reported that after V posted the song on his Instagram Story on May 8th, it has received hot attention and topped the chart, which signifies V’s formidable influence.

This is the song’s first Billboard chart appearance since its release.


At the same time, V has also used Daniel Caesar’s other song “Please Do Not Lean” as background music in his Vlog.

Previously, V recommended various genres of music to fans, and the artists on V’s playlist have been receiving global attention and gaining great popularity.


Conan Gray, a new American pop star, has rapidly increased his Instagram followers since V recommended him, and has rapidly emerged as a star of Generation Z. Meanwhile, Paolo Sandeyas, whose song “Sorry” was introduced in V’s vlog, became a popular artist in the Philippines, despite the song being released two years ago.

Source: Billboard, Nate

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