News anchors called a disgrace after dancing to Jisoo’s “Flower”, even lost their jobs

After dancing to BLACKPINK Jisoo’s “Flower”, 5 female new anchors were called “a true disgrace to the craft of journalism”.

After its release, Jisoo’s solo title, “Flower”, quickly became a global hit. The dance from the “Flower” music video has also become a trend on TikTok, with millions of people around the world joining the challenge.

However, what seemed like a harmless trend has seriously affected the careers of several female news anchors in Hong Kong (China).

According to the Chinese media Line, to celebrate their last working day at Cable TV News, three female news presenters persuaded two other colleagues to dance to “Flower” on set and then posted the video on Instagram.

One of the anchors, Yanna Yu, also wrote the caption, “(We’re) not professional dancers, we’re just five flowers that only practiced today, but our heels are really noisy”.

Five female MCs dance to Jisoo’s song on set.

The video eventually caught the attention of Raymond Wong, Chairman of Hong Kong’s Committee on Review of Public Service Broadcasting. However, it was not in a positive way, as the man harshly commented on a repost of a video, calling the 5 female anchors “a true disgrace to craft of journalism”. 

It was also reported that the director of Cable TV News subsequently sent an internal email condemning the behavior of the 5 news anchors. In the email, it was allegedly emphasized that the newsroom should not be considered a stage for “entertainment and games”. 


Later on, a news anchor involved in the “Flower” challenge video revealed on her Instagram that due to “high-level dissatisfaction”, the video must be removed. Many people in the industry also criticized the 5, saying that they should not have danced in a professional space such as the newsroom.

Even worse, the careers of the female news presenters were also seriously affected. Yanna Yu and Terrie Leung originally planned to start work at another TV channel, but their employment contracts were immediately terminated. It is unknown whether they will be able to return to the industry in the near future.

Terrie Leung and Yanna Yu’s employment contracts were terminated after their video of doing the “Flower” challenge. 

Source: Line

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