aepsa Ningning draws huge attention with upgraded visuals 

Through aespa’s recent comeback with “My World”, Ningning suddenly became the center of attention with doll-like visuals.

aespa recently returned with their third mini album “My World” on May 8th. This time, the girl group received special attention as this is their first music release after the former SM Entertainment CEO, Lee Soo Man, left the company.

According to Daum, in previous products, aespa most focused on their worldview set in the virtual world “Kwangya”. However, “My World” has the group returning to the “real world”, starting anew as they face “abnormalities”. In accordance with their return to the “real world”, all members also changed their image and style to match the new concept.

aespa ningning

Among aespa members, Ningning’s “transformation” received a lot of positive reactions. Her visuals, which resemble a doll, become a hot topic on many online forums. 

In the past, Ningning often wore sharp and intricate makeup with a heavy focus on her eyeliner and eyelashes, intended to clearly express the characteristics of “Kwangya”. However, in this comeback, the female singer born in 2002 stood out more thanks to natural makeup that emphasized her youthful look. As a result, netizens easily praise Ningning’s doll-like beauty.

Overtime, all aepsa members have stunned the crowd with outstanding visuals, and Ningning was evaluated as the member with the most impressive visual upgrade.


Whether appearing at events or on performance stages, the main vocalist of aespa always exudes confidence and an attractive charisma. After her weight loss, Ningning also receive a lot of praise for her admirable body proportions and prominent facial features. 

In addition, Ninging fits various types of outfits, from simple to complicated, from youthful to bold. She also showcases impressive posting skills and facial expressions, which are clearly shown through her magazine pictorials, fashion event photos, and fancams. 

Ningning also drew admiration for admitting her health condition. According to the female singer in an interview with Vogue China, she had undergone eye surgery since she was young, but her condition didn’t improve, and so she barely has vision in one eye.


This is a reason why Ningning always has to wear sunglasses and avoid flashlights from cameras. Despite being visually impaired in one eye, she still strives to practice and perfect herself. This revelation has made many viewers see the female idol differently.

On the other hand, aespa’s latest comeback with “My World” has reaped a series of remarkable achievements. With 1.3 million copies distributed, “My World” helped aespa become the girl group with the highest first-day album sales in Kpop history, breaking the previous record of BLACKPINK and LE SSERAFIM.

“My World” also entered the top 10 best-selling albums in Kpop history. Despite debuting just over 2 years ago, aespa has become the SM artist with the most albums sold in the first week, surpassing prominent predecessors from the same company.

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Sharing about the title track “Spicy” in the new album, Ningning said, “It’s a genre we’ve never attempted before. ‘Spicy’ allows you to see a different side of aespa. So, it’s my favorite song in the album. We have also produced many songs with intense emotions. Starting from ‘Spicy’, we will try out various different genres”.

Source: Zing

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