Actress Ha Yeon Soo directly called out a reporter on her Instagram for spreading false information 

Actress Ha Yeon Soo, who is studying in Japan, publicly took a shot at an entertainment reporter. 

On July 30th, Ha Yeon Soo shared new photos of herself on Instagram. Ha Yeon Soo wrote in the caption, “I’m posting this because I was surprised when I got a call from a friend. OSEN’s reporter Kim Bora, this is how I’ve been for ‘3 years’. I also included photos of me this spring when I went to study (in Japan).”

ha yeon soo

Ha Yeon Soo continued, “I am not obligated to disclose my private life to reporters, but I think it should be made clear. I plan to work specifically in Japan in the near future. I will have a meeting with an agency next month to discuss the contract.”

She added, “Don’t seek attention by spreading false information under the title ‘retiring from the entertainment industry’. Reporter Kim Bora, please correct it as ‘leaving Korea’. Since I’m currently not active in Korea and studying in another country, this title is perfect to make a good article.”

ha yeon soo

She criticized, “To be honest, I think reporter Kim Bora is so mean by saying ‘A person who thinks anything is possible going back and forth between two countries’. I don’t want to exist in your article nor be used for money. And who are you to define me as ‘former actor Ha Yeon Soo’? The power of inappropriate media is truly deplorable.”

Adding the Japanese caption “Ah, this is so disgusting, and ridiculous”, the actress said, “Without a subject”.

ha yeon soo

About two hours later, Ha Yeon Soo made another Instagram post. This time, she even posted a photo of the reporter’s face and profile demanding the article be corrected one more time. She said, “You read the mail, so will you edit the article or issue a correction or not? I’m waiting.”

ha yeon soo

Ha Yeon Soo has not carried out any acting activity since the movie “Rosebud” in 2019. In response, some raised rumors of her retirement from the entertainment industry based on the fact that her profile disappeared from portal sites after her exclusive contract with Andmarq ended.

Source: wikitree

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