I Live Alone: Song Minho’s new convertible car revealed, Kang Seungyoon flexing his 70 million won secondhand car

WINNER members Song Minho and Kang Seungyoon showed they are young and rich as they purchased a car without hesitation. 

Song Minho and Kang Seungyoon recently appeared on the July 29th broadcast of MBC entertainment program “I Live Alone”.

In this episode, Kang Seungyoon was seen visiting his group member, WINNER Song Minho. The two decided to head to another destination. 

As Kang Seungyoon waited for Song Minho outside, Minho showed up with a car from after, flaunting his newly purchased convertible. Watching this, the MCs were impressed, saying: “Minho is doing well”

The two then traveled in the aforementioned car. Minho turned on the music loudly, and Seungyoon, who was next to him, showed his excitement by singing along to the music.

Seungyoon and Minho then arrived at a used car store to buy Seungyeoon’s first car. “Seungyoon isn’t old, so his first car should be a used car”, Minho said, explaining why they chose to visit a 2nd hand shop. “Used vehicles are clean and nice these days”, he added. 

The duo then picked out their first choice, which cost about 30-40 million won. Their 2nd choice was 50 million won, more expensive than the first one. As they continued to be introduced to other options, an SUV worth 69.8 million won appeared, which Seungyoon liked when he drove the car himself. Gian 84, who rides the same vehicle, looked proud watching this, saying: “I feel like a successful man. They really showed the essence of being young and rich.” 

Seungyoon then neatly selected an SUV and sent cash by bank transfer immediately. Seungyoon said, “I got the car that I bought because I worked hard. I’ve been working hard for over 10 years. I know a day like this will come.” Seungyoon immediately got into the car and thanked Mino for being with him, saying, “He’s the first passenger in my car.”

Mino was proud of the day he spent with Seungyoon, saying, “A day without failure. My heart feels warm.”

Meanwhile, Mino appeared in a YG special episode of MBC Every1’s entertainment “Video Star” in March last year and announced his recent status at the time when he became a regular member of the “Korea Music Copyright Association”. Song Mino said, “Registration is the first thing we have to do when we make music, and I was already registered as a member 10 years ago. However, I found out that I was promoted to a regular member through an article.” It turns out that the Korea Music Copyright Association only accepts 25 people every year.

Song Mino humbly replied, “I’m pretty sure musicians are all different. I’ve already registered over 100 songs. And it was possible because I have some hit songs.” When he was asked about his copyright money the previous year “Is it enough to buy a house, a foreign car or a villa?”, Eun Ji-won replied instead, “He bought everything last year.” Song Mino also drew attention as he admitted embarrassedly, “It’s not only based on copyright money.”

Source: daum

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