Ha Yeon-soo responds firmly to malicious comments… “I’m forever Korean”

Ha Yeon-soo once again expressed displeasure at malicious comments.

Actress Ha Yeon-soo responded firmly after exposing comments left by a netizen on her Instagram on May 13th. Earlier, Ha Yeon-soo uploaded some daily photos along with the Japanese caption saying, “Silver bag and cute flat shoes.” Afterwards, a netizen left malicious comments on the post.

Ha Yeon-soo

The netizen wrote, “I personally hate Ha Yeon-soo. There are photos of her wearing a kimono, so just be a Japanese person. She looks Japanese. Japan has lower women’s rights. They’ve done a lot of XX XXX in history. Even nowadays, if you look at Japanese female celebrities, you can see many cultures like XXX. Just go to Japan and live there. I’m curious if you’re as feisty as you’re in Korea when you go to Japan. Don’t come to Korea, just go forever. And study abroad? What the hell are you going to study abroad for? Anyway, goodbye.”

Ha Yeon-soo

Ha Yeon-soo lost her temper. She said, “You’re not my parents nor my boss, but you’re giving me a strange order to be Japanese. I’m forever Korean. As a fellow Korean, I’m ashamed of your absurd remarks. Moreover, I think you’re the one who’s feisty. Because of someone like you, I can only continue to respond decisively. Aren’t you going to work tomorrow? Don’t do this in the space for my precious fans and friends, and have a good sleep for tomorrow. Your useless words don’t affect me at all. Then, bye!”

Currently, the above-mentioned netizen’s comments have been deleted. Meanwhile, Ha Yeon-soo has been the talk of the town every day. Recently, she directly deleted her profile on a famous portal site. She is also known to be studying in Japan after the exclusive contract with her former agency expired earlier this year, raising suspicions of retirement from the entertainment industry. However, Ha Yeon-soo indirectly denied retirement rumors on May 10th by replying to an acquaintance’s comment.

Source: Daum

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