Ha Yeon-soo to retire from the entertainment industry? Delete profile → Go to Japan to study Arts

Actress Ha Yeon-soo reportedly went to Japan to study Arts after her exclusive contract expired.

According to OSEN’s report on May 10th, Ha Yeon-soo’s exclusive contract with Andmarq expired earlier this year.

Ha Yeon-soo debuted in 2013 in the movie “Very Ordinary Couple” and made her name known to the public after playing the female lead in the drama “Monstar”. She then starred in various famous dramas, such as “Potato Star 2013QR3”, “Rich Man”, and movie “Rosebud”.

Recognized as an actress, Ha Yeon-soo has not had any significant work since the 2018 drama “Rich Man”. She became an MC and a regular cast in “Trend With Me Season 2” and “Why Not”. Last year, she also guested on “Radio Star”.

Ha Yeon-soo

While taking a break from acting activities, Ha Yeon-soo worked in a different direction, such as holding an individual painting exhibition. Through photographs at the individual exhibition “The form of memory” held in November last year, Ha Yeon-soo revealed her own unique world of arts. A total of 100 works, including film photos taken directly at the travel destinations and new paintings inspired by them, were presented for the first time.

Majoring in animation, Ha Yeon-soo has also worked in various other fields, such as photography, oil painting, and folk painting. By revealing her works through SNS, she has received huge love as a representative all-rounder beauty in the entertainment industry who has “golden hands”. 

Ha Yeon-soo

After her exclusive contract with Andmarq expired, Ha Yeon-soo headed to Japan. It was earlier reported as a trip to Japan, but according to the confirmation from OSEN, the actress went abroad to study Arts. In fact, Ha Yeon-soo has recently revealed how she has been living in Japan and communicated with fans through SNS.

What’s noticeable is that Ha Yeon-soo’s profile cannot be found on portal sites anymore. If you search for Ha Yeon-soo on Naver and Daum, there is no “actress Ha Yeon-soo” and only the person with the same name appears. It is still unknown whether Ha Yeon-soo directly requested her profile to be deleted and the reason, but netizens have raised speculation that the actress is challenging a new start as a painter, not a celebrity.

Ha Yeon-soo

In addition, Ha Yeon-soo reported did not seek any other agency after her exclusive contract with Andmarq expired.


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