Actress Ha Yeon-soo surprises netizens with her bold and sexy fashion in the recent update

Ha Yeon-soo shows off her sexy image in a revealing outfit, drawing keen attention from netizens.

On May 10th, Ha Yeon-soo posted on her Instagram account several photos taken at a bar in Ginza, Japan, revealing that she was enjoying her trip to Japan.

What caught the attention of netizens is Ha Yeon-soo’s outfit. The actress boasted her sexy charm to the fullest by matching a white shirt, which has a bold cut, with a half-turtleneck without the front part. Impressed by her outfit, an acquaintance commented, “Yeon-soo… Fix your clothes…”. In response, Ha Yeon-soo said, “I’m a Confucian girl”.

Ha Yeon-soo

Ha Yeon-soo began her acting career in 2013 through her debut film “Very Ordinary Couple”. In the same year, she was selected as the female lead for Mnet’s drama “Monstar” and made her face known to the public. The actress once revealed that she always tries to keep the original spelling of names without using initials or emoticons when posting something on the Internet. Thanks to this habit, she was cast in tvN’s drama “Conte and the City” to play a patient who is diagnosed with “being too serious”.

Ha Yeon-soo

The program that made Ha Yeon-soo become famous is MBC’s “My Little Television”. She set the record as the first female winner of the program by showing off her cute charms.


Ha Yeon-soo is also interested in arts. First of all, she has excellent photography skills. While working as a fitting model before her debut in the entertainment industry, she had already gained popularity among amateur photographers. Ha Yeon-soo is also good at drawing. The actress studied Arts at Ulsan Anione High School. Of course, she is also good at drawing cartoons, Western paintings as well as Oriental paintings. The actress has been consistently introducing her photos and paintings through her Instagram. In addition, she also held an individual exhibition called “The form of memory” at Sansangmadang’s Hongdae Gallery.

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