G-Dragon’s ex-girlfriend revealed that she was harassed and pointed out two directors with a series of sexual assault actions that shocked showbiz

The Japanese entertainment industry is currently surrounded by many sexual harassment scandals.

After the Japanese film industry was making the entire Asian audience tremble and indignant because of a series of sexual harassment scandals, the first actress frankly criticized and pointed out many dark secrets that have occurred to herself as well as her friends and colleagues. That is Kiko Mizuhara, an actress, and model who is familiar with Kpop fans because she used to be G-Dragon‘s girlfriend.

Kiko Mizuhara

Specifically, through a 3-page A4-sized article on Japan’s Bunshun, Kiko Mizuhara has revealed many dark sides of Japanese showbiz, specifically the field of cinema. She said that when she entered the industry, she was often harassed and insulted by the director with quite harsh words. “Even though the person himself didn’t really mean it, I was really frustrated at the time,” Kiko said.

Kiko Mizuhara
Article about Kiko’s harassment was posted on Bunshun
Kiko Mizuhara
Kiko recently shared a lot about showbiz and the dark side of the industry

Kiko Mizuhara also frankly called the names of the two directors she considered scandalous and involved in many sexual assaults cases of actors, as well as not ensuring the safety of actors when filming adult scenes. The first is Sion Sono – the director has recently been accused of sexual assault by a series of anonymous actresses, especially trading sex for film roles. Kiko shared that a friend warned her about director Sion Sono, telling her to be careful if you really want to agree to act in his films.

Kiko Mizuhara
Sion Sono

In addition, Kiko also has an unhappy memory with the producer Haruo Umekawa on the set of Ride or Die. Kiko said that she had actively suggested that there should be a specialist to monitor adult and nude scenes, but Umekawa refused. This leads to Kiko being uncomfortable when filming hot scenes, fearing that she will be taken advantage of. Haruo Umekawa is also a name accused of sexual harassment, forcing many actresses to go to the toilet to take sensitive photos.

Kiko Mizuhara
Haruo Umekawa
Kiko Mizuhara
Kiko doesn’t feel safe doing hot scenes in Ride or Die

However, Kiko’s case is still not the most terrible and scary. “I’ve heard a lot of heartbreaking stories from many colleagues around, so things like this must be happening very often.” She also told about a friend’s situation when she was sexually abused and harassed while acting with an older male co-star. This male co-star refused the tape to protect the sensitive area, leading to the actress being sexually abused without any intervention from the director or crew.

Kiko Mizuhara

Besides stories about herself and friends who were harassed while filming, Kiko Mizuhara also affirmed that after all, she now only wants to participate in projects of acquaintances, people she can trust and have equal conversations with. “I’ve found that working in an environment where I feel really comfortable leads to higher performance ,” adds Kiko.

Recently, the Japanese film industry is going through a scary period when a series of names (mostly the producer and directors) have been accused of sexually harassing female actors. Before Sion Sono and Haruo Umekawa, director Sakaki Hideo was the first person to be denounced, causing his new film to be postponed indefinitely.

Kiko Mizuhara
Sakaki Hideo’s film has been delayed due to sexual harassment scandal

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