The reason why BLACKPINK members refuse to go shopping with Jennie

A fact about BLACKPINK Jennie surprised her fans

BLACKPINK is known as one of the most successful Gen 3 groups of K-pop. The girls not only have hit songs but also have a great impact on other fields as well. Thanks to that, the amount of money the 4 girls earn is not small. Despite having so much money, the girls still do not forget to bargain when shopping, especially Jennie.

Jennie was once revealed by the rest of BLACKPINK that she often bargains when shopping. The female idol will make a cute gesture to make the shopkeeper give her a discount.

Even when participating in the program ‘Who, Me?’ on the YouTube channel The Swoon, Jisoo also revealed that if at the last minute, when Jennie was sure the seller wouldn’t give her a discount, Jennie would ask if they could give her a small gift. This makes not only Jisoo but all members admire Jennie.

The reason the members declined to go shopping with Jennie, on the other hand, surprised fans even more. The female idol will often push the members to buy, especially the maknae Lisa. Jennie is always on the lookout for interesting items and persuades Lisa to buy them. When they go shopping together, they usually come home empty-handed. Therefore, if Lisa doesn’t want to be “broke” because of over-shopping, Lisa can only refuse all invitations to go shopping with Jennie.

This fact about Jennie surprised many fans because she has always been known for her cool, haughty appearance. Therefore, her lovely personality and passion for shopping have attracted many viewers.

Up to now, BLACKPINK is one of the most successful groups today. The girls are not only loved by the audience for their impressive songs but also for their lovely and friendly personalities.

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