Former AOA member Kwon Min-ah, who recently stopped using SNS, reports her current situation for the first time in two months

Ex-AOA member Kwon Min-ah revealed her whereabouts for the first time in two months of her SNS activity suspension.

Kwon Min-ah released several photos through her Instagram account on April 21st along uiwth the caption, “I’m doing well and happily”.

Kwon Mina

The released photos are Kwon Min-ah‘s selfies. Appearing in a floral-print dress with long wavy hair, Kwon Min-ah was doing some poses in front of the camera with bright expressions.

Kwon Mina

This is her first activity In about two months. Earlier in 2020, Kwon Min-ah revealed that she was bullied by leader Ji-min during AOA activities. After the controversy broke out, Ji-min left the group and announced her retirement from the entertainment industry.

Kwon Mina

In addition, Kwon Min-ah was also involved in two-timing and abuse of power controversies. Therefore, she suspended her Instagram activities for a while.

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