“Won Bin of the child actors’ world”, the youngest fisherman in Sacheon Port… “Even though my body is tired, I’m still happy”

Actor Son Moo, who was called “Won Bin of the child actors’ world” in the 90s, announced his recent situation after a long time.

On April 21st, the YouTube channel “Current Status Olympics” posted a video titled “[Meeting Son Moo] The recent situation of ‘Won Bin of the child actors’ world’ in the 90s after 20 years. An actor who became a fisherman”.

Son Moo is working as a fisherman and shipowner of the fishing boat “Ppappongho” in Sacheon Port, Gangneung. He said, “I worked on Dybowskii’ sand eel in the winter, but it was an extreme job. I wake up at 1 am, arrive at the barracks at 2:30 am and depart at 3 am. I go home at 7 pm.”

Son Moo

He is also the youngest fisherman in Sacheon Port. He shared, “Mostly, they come to catch octopus in summer and cod in winter.”

Son Moo

Son Moo, who received attention for his exotic and tall appearance in dramas such as “Asphalt Man”,Emotional Age” and “Adolescence“, smilingly said, “I played popular roles with women. I took the lead in all the cool roles. At that time, I was actually a little famous. Now no one recognizes me.”

Looking back at the time when he was a child actor, he confessed, “I was scolded a lot by the director. We had to meet at 6 o’clock after dinner. But I went to the billiard room, returned at 6:30 and got scolded. The assistant director, director and staff were family. They acted as my parents and carried all the equipment for me. It seemed like a family.”

Son Moo

Son Moo revealed that he dreamed of returning after serving in the military, but he had to help his mother with her work due to difficult family circumstances. He said, “I happened to go to my mother’s store in Dongdaemun. I saw her sleeping on a small sofa and I tried to help her until she settled down, but it has come so far.”

Son Moo

He added, “The number of customers was gradually accumulating, and I earned 600 million won in 2 years. The name of the bag was ‘Ppappong’. Later, I used this name for my fishing boat as well.” When asked by the production team “What would it be like to look back on your life?”, Son Moo replied, “I have suffered enough. I’m still struggling right now. Even though my body is tired, I’m happy because there is no stress. ‘He’s a fisherman?’ I think there will be a lot of people who think it’s amazing to be a fishing boat owner. I’ve never imagined that I’d come here and live as a fisherman. It’s like I’m living in a dream every day.”

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