Ahn So-hee shows off a bold and mature style with shocking see-through fashion in her new photoshoot

Actress Ahn So-hee appeared with a mature vibe in her newly released photoshoot.

In order to highlight the charm of the actress, the colors and achromatic lights in the background were changed in each photo. Ahn So-hee boasted a variety of charms, from a natural style in white shirts and jeans to a sensual style with a deep-V dress and short pants as well as a confident image in an all-pink suit. Her witty facial expressions in contrast to her bold appearance also drew keen attention.

Ahn So Hee
Ahn So Hee

In an interview after the photoshoot filming, Ahn So-hee expressed feelings about her appearance in “Thirty Nine” and showed affection for her role. Regarding the character she portrayed in the drama, she said, “So-won grew up receiving so much love from her family. She has a pure personality because she grew up in such a good environment. She’s a bright and perfect girl. However, I think that girl also has her own anxiousness, dark side, and sadness. This part made me even sadder.”

Ahn So Hee

In addition, when asked if the character’s image still remained after she returned to her daily life, Ahn So-hee revealed that she found traces of her acting in little daily life moments. The actress shared, “There are times when I found traces of my acting when the situations were similar to that of the character and the scenes in the drama.”

Ahn So Hee

Ahn So-hee’s interview and photoshoot can be found in the May issue of Arena Homme+ and on its website.

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