4 couples with super chic outfits in Korean dramas in 2021

Not only the male and female leads but most of the actors in these series are dressed in very gorgeous outfits.

K-dramas in 2021 not only have many impressive works in terms of content but are also excellent in terms of look. Here are a few movies with the lead couples that wear the most beautiful clothes!

1. Jisoo (BLACKPINK) – Jung Hae In (Snowdrop)

Set in the late 80s of the last century, fashion in Snowdrop is vintage style, giving off nostalgic vibes. While Jisoo often wears simple outfits, mainly sweaters coordinated with flared skirts, Jung Hae In likes putting on suits or neutral-colored shirts. The couple’s matching outfits against the old school backdrop of Snowdrop exudes dreamy vibes like a fairytale. 

 2. Shin Min Ah – Kim Seon Ho (Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha)

Although Shin Min Ah‘s floral puff dresses at Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha makes the actress look somewhat older and hide her beautiful body, it is undeniable that her clothes suit Kim Seon Ho‘s outfits well. Playing two young people who both choose the seaside village of Gongjin as their destination, Shin Min Ah and Kim Seon Ho select basic, casual, country-like outfits but still look youthful and dynamic.

3. Song Joong Ki – Jeon Yeo Bin (Vincenzo)

Playing the role of a mafia-lawyer pair in Vincenzo, Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin often wear super cool outfits, which are mainly in black and white. When it comes to matching clothing, this is by far the most voted couple. Their clothes aren’t particularly fancy, but they fit the character nicely and exude their power. 

4. Shin Hye Sun – Kim Jung Hyun (Mr. Queen)

Different from the above couples, this is a historical drama couple. Ignoring the content, which is considered to distort history, it is undeniable that Mr. Queen is very good in terms of visuals. The ancient clothing in this drama is both historically accurate and colorfully varied. The main couple, Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun, stunned the audience with their extravagant, luxurious, and magnificent outfits.

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