ITZY Lia’s hobby of meditation in the bathroom of the broadcasting station, “A resting place of my heart”

ITZY Lia talked about her hobbies.

On the July 25th broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s ‘Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show’, he joined the group ITZY members through a corner called ‘Legendary Master’.

On this day, Park Myung-soo asked ITZY members about their hobbies. In particular, Lia asked, “I heard that you have a hobby of meditating in the broadcasting station bathroom, why?”

itzy lia

Lia said, “This is my lifestyle. I move at dawn or early in the morning when I do music broadcast activities. As I spend all day at the broadcasting station, the bathroom is like a rest area. I feel it like a resting place in my heart,” she explained.

Park Myung-soo made everyone laugh when he said, “In the past when doing music shows, I was sad to see idol groups arrive early and doze off. But I couldn’t help because I couldn’t sing.”

Source: daum

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