Kim Yu-na’s parents talk about their soon-to-be son-in-law Go Woo-rim and mention their daughter’s “flaw”

“Figure skating queen” Kim Yu-na will marry popera singer Go Woo-rim, who is 5 years younger than her. Kim Yu-na’s parents also expressed their feelings.

On July 25th, SBS Entertainment News reported the reaction of Kim Yu-na’s parents to their daughter’s marriage announcement. The media said, “Kim Yu-na’s family members recently informed their acquaintances that Kim Yu-na is preparing for her marriage with Go Woo-rim”.

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In particular, Kim Yu-na’s parents used the indirect expression of “the parts that my daughter doesn’t have” to show expectations for their soon-to-be son-in-law Go Woo-rim to fill Kim Yu-na’s shortcomings. In fact, fans and surrounding people pointed out that Kim Yu-na’s one and only “flaw” was “acting cute”. 

Accordingly, Kim Yu-na’s parents said about their soon-to-be son-in-law Go Woo-rim, saying “Despite his young age, he is such a nice and good friend. We really like him because he fills up the parts that my daughter doesn’t have.”

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Kim Yu-na’s family reportedly introduced Go Woo-rim to their relatives and acquaintances. They said, “’It’s time for our daughter to enjoy her happy life’, we just naturally inform everyone that way. I hope my daughter will create a family through giving and taking warm love.”

Kim Yu-na will marry Go Woo-rim this October.

Kim Yu-na’s agency All That Sports told Yonhap News on July 25th, announcing “Kim Yu-na (32 years old) will hold her wedding with singer Ko Woo-rim (27 years old) somewhere in Seoul in late October.”

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They continued, Kim Yu-na and Ko Woo-rim met each other for the first time when Forestella appeared as an invited singer on All That Skate ice show in 2018 and they decided to get married after three years of dating. Both Kim Yu-na and Go Woo-rim want to have an ordinary wedding ceremony with the participation of their close relatives and acquaintances. The date and location of the wedding will not be disclosed to stay private from the media.”

Kim Yu-na was born in 1990 and Ko Woo-rim was born in 1995.

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Popera singer Ko Woo-rim graduated from Seoul National University majoring in the department of vocal music and he is currently attending Seoul National University Graduate School. He participated in JTBC’s audition program “Phantom Singer 2” in 2017 and then began to do music activities. He is known to have not yet enlisted in the military. 

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