WJSN Bona (Kim Ji Yeon) becomes a victim of bullying in “Pyramid Game”

WJSN member-actress Kim Ji Yeon (Bona) will appear in “Pyramid Game”.

According to Xports News on March 23rd, Kim Ji Yeon was selected as the main character in TVING’s new drama “Pyramid Game”.


Kim Ji Yeon plays the role of Sung Soo Ji, a transfer student. Sung Soo Ji will play an active role as a target and sniper of a childish game that votes for outcasts.

“Pyramid Game” (directed by Park So Yeon) is a school thriller based on the popular webtoon of the same name (author Dalgonyak).


Set in Baekyeon Girls’ High School, “Pyramid Game” deals with the subject of school violence. Each student is graded through a popularity vote, and grade-F students will become victims of school violence legally.

Meanwhile, Kim Ji Yeon, who debuted as WJSN Bona in 2016, expanded her position as an actress by appearing in the dramas “Hit the Top”, “Homemade Love Story” and “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”. Currently, her MBC drama “Joseon Attorney” is about to air.

Source: Daum

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