Netizens found proof that this alleged dating photo of BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie is legit 

Attention is belatedly being paid to a photo believed to be Jennie and V, who are embroiled in dating rumors. 

One of the leaked photos suspected to be BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie standing side by side affectionately is drawing netizens’ attention again. It is the mirror selfie taken inside an elevator where they both wear Pooh T-shirts. The photo spread through various online communities and social media platforms on August 29th. 

When the photo was first released, it was deemed the least believable photo among those that were circulating. Netizens claimed the couple’s faces were not visible and world stars like V and Jennie would not wear couple shirts in public. 

However, many netizens are now arguing that this photo is legit, based on the tiny mole on the arm of the woman suspected of being Jennie. In fact, this mole can be found in the exact spot on Jennie’s arm in a photo she posted herself on Instagram on August 2nd. 

Alleged dating photos of V and Jennie were released one after another, starting from the ones where they were spotted together in Jeju Island. In August, different mirror selfies taken by Jennie were leaked, sparking a theory that Jennie’s iCloud or private Instagram was hacked. 

The distributor of these photos has repeatedly insisted that they are not a hacker, so it is possible that they hired a hacker separately.

Source: wikitree

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