3 reasons why viewers should be excited for Song Hye Kyo’s new drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up”

Netizens have pointed out 3 reasons that make “Now, We Are Breaking Up” the most awaited drama during the year-end time of 2021.

While the trend for wealthy families’ tragedy and healing dramas is still on a rise in the Korean film industry, the romantic series “Now, We Are Breaking Up” will get the audiences back to enjoy one of the most successful genres of Korean dramas. Due to this reason, more and more people are raising high expectations for new feelings that this series will bring about.

1. A “visuals” party

Not to mention the content, “Now, We Are Breaking Up” has attracted great attention ever since they announced the cast lineup with all beautiful actors. First of all, the ageless beauty Song Hye Kyo took on the female lead role. The image of a fashion company’s design leader in this drama helps Song Hye Kyo look much younger than her age and suit her partner who is a junior.

The male lead who will form a couple with Song Hye Kyo’s character will be played by Jang Ki Yong. The visual of Jang Ki Yong is already undeniable since he has already been receiving lots of compliments for his unique facial features, high nose bridge, and outstanding height. Thanks to the role of a fashion photographer in this drama, Jang Ki Yong successfully transforms himself into a new image that is different from his previous ones.

Apart from the lead actors, the supporting male role will be portrayed by Oh Se Hun, who has already been known as one of the most handsome Korean idols. Although he only appeared for a few seconds in highlight cuts, the audiences have already been confused about whether to choose Jang Ki Yong or Oh Se Hun.

Apart from Song Hye Kyo, Jang Ki Yong and Oh Se Hun, “Now, We Are Breaking Up” will be joined by many other beautiful actors because this drama will center around 3 couples.

2. Fashion eye candy 

“Now, We Are Breaking Up” is a must-watch for fashion lovers. Song Hye Kyo plays a talented designer while Jang Ki Yong transforms into a freelance fashion photographer. Since the drama is set against the backdrop of a fashion company, through only the still cuts and trailers, viewers can already see how stylish “Now, We Are Breaking Up” is. 

In addition to the glamorous runways shown in the trailers, the outfits worn by the main characters are also eye-catching. Unlike the flashy outfits in recent famous dramas about the elite, fashion in “Now, We Are Breaking Up” is more on the basic side but no less chic and trendy. Song Hye Kyo’s clothes are elegant, modish, office-style but still youthful, while Jang Ki Yong looks dynamic and charming in the smart casual style.

3. Engaging storyline 

Aside from visuals, of course, the storyline of “Now, We Are Breaking Up” is also worth the anticipation. Particularly, “Now, We Are Breaking Up” depicts 3 romances with different colors. As for the main couple, it’s not only about love but also breakup. They will have to go through many ups and downs of their relationship.

The specific timeline in the drama is still uncertain. It is not sure whether episode 1 starts at the time when the main couple has broken up or is still in love. Either way, the audience will certainly get to experience all kinds of emotions of a classic love story. From awkward first dates to passionate kisses, steamy love making scenes, to parting ways and reuniting. 

“Now, We Are Breaking Up” premieres on November 12 on SBS.

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