Who is Lami, the famous idol trainee under SM Entertainment?

Lami, a trainee under SM Entertainment, is gaining attention, but who exactly is she?

Despite being a trainee and not yet debuting, Lami has for herself a rather stable fanbase, and would often appear in SM contents alongside the agency’s artists. Reportedly, she was even allowed to leave SM Entertainment and return as if nothing happened. 

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Lami is among the most famous trainees under SM Entertainment. 

Born on March 03, 2003, Lami is a trainee in SM Entertainment and was introduced in the project SM Rookies. In fact, she has trained under the company for ages, and was introduced at the same time with Red Velvet Irene and NCT Taeyong. She also gained a lot of attention for her refreshing, sweet, and innocent vibe, and is often called “the 2nd Sulli” or “mini Yoona”. 

lami sm ent
Lami has trained under SM Entertainment for a long time
lami sm ent
The female trainee is well known for her outstanding visuals 

It is known that in 2023, Lami joined the company at the age of 10, and was extremely favored in SM. She got to do a profile photoshoot and film an introduction video with SNSD Tiffany. She later appeared on the Korean version of Disney’s “The Mickey Mouse Club”, alongside Super Junior Leeteuk, as well as NCT Mark, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, and Jisung


In 2014, SM Entertainment held the “SM Town Live World Tour IV”, where trainees under SM Entertainment, including Lami, got to perform alongside their seniors. In addition, despite being a trainee, Lami would participate Red Velvet’s “Happiness” MV, in pictorials, and make various appearances in K-dramas and movies such as “AM 11:00”, “Montage”, “Twinkle Twinkle”, and “Five Finger”. 

lami sm ent
Lami received great treatment from SM Entertainment even as a trainee
The female trainee appear in a lot of projects 
She is among the most favored trainee and earned a lot of fans 
snsd tiffany lami sm ent
Lami alongside SNSD Tiffany 

Despite being “the most popular female trainee” under SM Entertainment, Lami was not announced in the lineup for aespa in 2020, leaving fans in deep regrets. Then, she also opened her own Instagram account, effectively confirming her departure from SM Entertainment after 7 years of training. 

Lami was not announced in the lineup of aespa
lami sm ent
She then left SM Entertainment after years of training

However, in November 2022, Korean media outlets reported that Lami had returned to SM Entertainment to prepare for an acting debut. This is a case that has never happened before, showing how Lami is favored by the agency. 

lami sm ent
Lami returned to SM Entertainment after 1 year of her departure
lami sm ent
Korean media outlets reported that Lami will make her acting debut under SM

With her outstanding visuals, talent, and popularity, fans are expecting for Lami to make a grand return. 

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