Lami rumored to return to SM, will debut as an actress?

“SM Rookies” Lami, who previously left SM Entertainment following aespa’s debut, is rumored to be back with the agency.

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Lami, whose real name is Kim Sung Kyung, was a member of SM Rookies and among the most famous trainees under SM Entertainment. In 2020, she was rumored to have left SM Entertainment after failing to make the debut line up of aespa, leaving fans in deep regrets.

She also opened a personal Instagram account, and disappeared from SM’s business reports, cementing the departure rumor.

However, a document said to be SM’s 3rd quarter report has been making its rounds across the net, and in it, Lami’s real name, Kim Sung Kyung, is mentioned. In addition, Kwon Oh Beom – The Principle Manager of actors under SM Entertainment, is spotted following Lami on Instagram, raising suspicions that she is joining SM again.

Korean netizens also discovered that Lami’s profile on Naver listed SM Entertainment as her agency.

sm lami
sm lami

Immediately after this information, speculations of Lami making her debut as an actress under SM started to rise. She even made it to the hot search of top Chinese SNS platform Weibo.

Source: Lac Sau Bich

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