Former Lovelyz member Mi-joo talked about her ex-boyfriend and revealed her ideal type, “My ex-boyfriend? That bastard was transferred over to someone else”

Mi-joo, a former member of girl group Lovelyz, drew attention as she answered various questions, from her transferring to a new agency to her ideal type.

Appearing in “Turkids on the Block” video released on January 14th, Mi-joo began the video by saying, “My introduction was ‘I’m Lovelyz Mi-joo’, but now I just say ‘I’m Mi-joo’”. When Lee Yong-jin asked, “How is it working alongside such highly educated people?”, Mi-joo replied, “We communicate well and can’t stop talking. We do find each other interesting. They might not get what I’m saying or I might not understand them.”

Mi-joo ex-boyfriend

Earlier in November last year, Mi-joo moved to Antenna, the agency that is managing comedian Yoo Jae-suk. In addition, Lee Yong-jin said, “Today (December 29th) is the day of the MBC Entertainment Awards. Did you get nominated? Let’s suppose you don’t win the Rookie Award. So why don’t you say your acceptance speech as if you won it here?”. In response, Mi-joo said, “I have not heard any news of whether I’m nominated or not yet. I don’t raise high expectations for that”, then gave an acceptance speech in the setting of winning the Rookie Award created by Lee Yong-jin.

Mi-joo ex-boyfriend

Eventually, Mi-joo won the Female Rookie of the Year at the 2021 MBC Entertainment Awards held in the evening of that day. Upon hearing Lee Yong-jin asked, “Have you ever thought of becoming a female MC?”, Mi-joo said, “I’m preparing for that. I have been studying idioms and proverbs these days”.

Mi-joo ex-boyfriend

When asked, “When was your last relationship?”, she said, “It’s been quite a long time. I think we broke up in the winter. Because that bastard was transferred over to someone else”. Regarding her ideal type, Mi-joo said, “I like men who look beautiful when they smile. And he must like me. I want them to be over 180cm tall and have fair skin. I don’t really like muscular men”.

Mi-joo ex-boyfriend

When Lee Yong-jin asked, “Are you a natural beauty?”, Mi-joo reacted, saying, “Why are you asking this question? Why are you asking this? (laughs) This is my privacy”. In response, Lee Yong-jin pointed to the script and said, “It’s a question written on here”


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