The reason why Mi-joo decided to sign with Yoo Jae-seok’s agency Antenna

Netflix’s World Top 10 “Single’s Inferno” is facing mixed reactions overseas.

Magazine “First Look” presented the way Mi-joo welcomes winter through a pictorial in its year-end and new year special issue No.231. Captured in a world covered with dreamy lights and black sand and an unknown space, the photoshoot highlighted the unfamiliar but fashionable moments of the all-rounder Mi-joo.

Antenna Mi-joo

It was no exaggeration to say that 2021 was the year of Mi-joo. Following “Six Sense”, “Hangout with Yoo”, “Runway 2” and “Time to Find Me – Who Am I?”, she won the “Rookie of the Year” award at the 2021 MBC Entertainment Awards, establishing herself as an emerging ace in entertainment and proving that she is in her heyday. 

Antenna Mi-joo

When asked if she realized that she was in her heyday, she said, “I became interested in doing entertainment programs through ‘Six Sense’. The atmosphere at the filming site is good, and I was able to enjoy it with the other cast. I think the public enjoyed that point as well. Thanks to that, I’m grateful that many have looked for me more on entertainment shows since then,” she continued her story. 

Antenna Mi-joo

“When I film, I try my best to enjoy the situation. It’s so much fun in real life. Rather than feeling burdened, I feel happy because I can show my honest self well, and I think they love me like that. I enjoy a given situation without adding or subtracting it and honesty is my weapon,” she said.

Meanwhile, Mi-joo moved to her new agency Antenna last year. She shared, “I think this is a place where I can do well and create good things through joint works. This company, which is full of good people, good music, and laughter, could help me create the future I want. I want to show everyone how I move forward step by step with good synergy”.

Antenna Mi-joo

During the interview, when asked if people can look forward to an album released by musician Lee Mi-joo, she said, “I’m also looking forward to it. (smile) What kind of performance should I show you? Whatever it turns out to be, I hope it will show a new side of me.”

Antenna Mi-joo

The photoshoot that reveals Mi-joo’s unlimited charms, which can look familiar but different at the same time, and stories about Mi-joo, who has established herself as a “queen” just like her Instagram ID, can be found on “First Look” magazine No.231 and its official channels such as blog, Instagram and Youtube.


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