Lee Min Ho once again shows his reputation through the latest drama

Returning with a new project, Lee Min Ho received high expectations from the public

Although he owns a list of hit dramas such as “Boys Over Flowers”, “The Heirs”,… but Lee Min Ho is still associated with the roles of a “young rich man”.  Many netizens criticized the actor for not wanting to renew himself and gradually became boring.  Lee Min Ho‘s project of “The King: Eternal Monarch” released 2 years ago was criticized for being too boring.

Often taking on the roles of handsome and rich man, Lee Min Ho’s acting ability has been looked down. Many people seem to believe that his acting isn’t as good as that of other veteran actors. Some even believe Lee Min Ho is a has-been, and that the audience now has new choices.

However, recently, the trailer for the OTT drama project “Pachinko”, starring Lee Min Ho, reached more than 3 million views on YouTube in just 1 week.  This implicitly confirms that, although Lee Min Ho’s acting is still controversial, the actor’s reputation has never shown any signs of cooling down.

The drama “Pachinko” is set during the Japanese invasion of Korea and the beginning of World War II.  The story revolves around a family of four generations in Korea.  These family members have overcome many difficulties of life, after the upheaval of the times, they have experienced many losses.

lee min ho

Pachinko” will be released on March 25.

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