Song Ji Hyo’s legal battle with Uzurocks officially starts, “The company delayed payments again”

According to Song Ji Hyo’s side, Uzurocks initially promised to deposit the unpaid settlement by May 1st. Song Ji Hyo believed in their promise and waited until midnight of the 1st, however, Uzurocks suddenly changed their words, saying “We will pay the settlement by the 4th”.

Song Ji Hyo’s representative stated, “We waited as they promised to pay by the 1st, but Uzurocks changed its words and postponed the deadline until the 4th. This is similar to when they failed to pay employee salaries on time. This is not the first time they have delayed payments, so we cannot let this situation continue”, adding “In the end, Song Ji Hyo has no choice but to file a lawsuit to claim the settlements.”


According to a report by Sports Seoul, Song Ji Hyo signed an exclusive contract with Uzurocks without a contract deposit. There is a condition that Song Ji Hyo directly receives her appearance fees for variety shows, such as SBS’s “Running Man”. However, profits from advertising shoots and other activities are distributed between the company and her. The conflict between the two sides arose when Uzurocks failed to pay Song Ji Hyo her advertising fees.

Recently, Uzurocks faced controversy when Sports Seoul exclusively reported that the company had not paid its employees’ salaries and four major insurances. Immediately after then, the company announced that they would pay its employees’ salaries, severance pay, and four major insurances by the 10th of this month. In addition, external costs, such as those for stylists, have reportedly not been settled.

Meanwhile, Uzurocks’s CEO Park Joo Nam resigned, taking responsibility for Song Ji Hyo’s unpaid settlement fees and the controversy over delaying the salary payments of employees. However, Song Ji Hyo’s side maintains the position that they will hold not only Uzurocks but also CEO Park Joo Nam responsible.

Source: Daum

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