Simon Cowell and his ‘prophecy’ on BTS and the Kpop wave

He said BTS and K-pop music are conquering the world music market.

Simon Cowell , at last, has showed his interest in BTS. Just before the anticipated performance of the boy group on the hit show America’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell talked to HollywoodLife, revealing that he was not at all shocked by the fact that Kpop was dominating the music industry.

Simon Cowell is the figure behind the success of many popular groups.

Simon Cowell is known to be the supporter of bands such as Little Mix, Westlife, Fifth Harmony, and especially the world’s most popular band – One Direction.

With a lot of experience after many years spent in the industry, it is not surprising that he can “prophesy” the success of K-pop.

It’s like a wave! I had a meeting with Sony three years ago, and I remember telling them that there’s this thing that’s about to come from the east and it’s called K-Pop, and it is going to crash on here. They were like, ‘Whachu you talking about?’ So I’m not surprised, and this is just the beginning.’“, said Simon Cowell.

He said that BTS and K-pop music are conquering the world’s music industry.

Simon Cowell is not wrong. The performance of BTS on America’s Got Talent last night has won the audience. With BTS’ increasingly attractive performance skills, the number of ARMYs will probably rise sharply in the near future.

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