The full timeline of Kris Wu’s scandal, which put him in jail

Take a look at what happened to Kris Wu

It’s been a long time since Kris Wu was arrested by the Beijing Poilce for being suspected of raping, the media and fans are still keeping their eyes to every updates of the investigation process. On the SNS, many rumours have been made about Kris Wu which attracted great attention from the netizens.

Revealing process of investigating the Kris Wu case: a series of showbiz secrets is revealed, the Canada side will also join?

Now let’s take a look at the whole scene of Kris Wu’s scandal that shook the whole of China!

June 3, 2021

Kris was caught at the cinema with a girl rumored to be Chen Ziyi. Photos taken there quickly went viral on social media. Chinese media reported that Kris rented an entire movie theater so that the two could enjoy a private date. Kris’s agency and legal team, on the other hand, asked that Wanda Cinema accept legal responsibility for the image’s internet distribution, claiming that they had infringed on their artist’s privacy.

July 8, 2021: Du Meizhu’s made her first revelation

Du Meizhu uploaded a series of screenshots of text messages and photos as evidence related to Kris Wu on SNS.

In her very long post, Du Meidzu said that around the time she and Kris Wu were still in a relationship, the male singer cheated on her and had love affairs with many other girls.  After that, the actor had an account specializing in “hunting” underage girls, who were born in 2000 or later. 

Kris also used the excuses that the MV needed to hire female actresses and that the company needed to sign a contract with a new artist to invite the ladies to the party to drink together. In addition, he and his friends also displayed photos of these teenage girls to choose from and discuss as if they were toys.

kris wu
A: “Hello, I’m a manager at an agency. Are you considering going into the filming industry? The agency is expanding and after seeing your exceptional visuals and other characteristics on Weibo, I wanted to get in touch so we can talk a bit more. Can I please get your contact information?”
Du Meizhu: “Which agency is this?”
A: “It’s a one-man agency. I’m currently expanding by signing new artists.”
Du Meizhu: “OK.”
[Blurred out contact information]A: “OK, I’ll add you.”
B: “I’m [blurred out name].”
(You’ve added [blurred out name]. You can start chatting.)
B: “Hello.”
B: “Are you taking the college entrance exam this year?”
Du Meizhu: “Yes.”
Du Meizhu: “Hahaha.”
Du Meizhu: “I just took them.”
([blurred out name] (Wu Yi Fan’s studio))
B: “I’m a manager at Wu Yi Fan’s studio~ I’m also the manager taking care of Fan Fan right now. This year, we’re recruiting new artists and preparing to expand in the industry~”
kris wu
(Another image posted by Du Meizhu showed an anonymous person informing her about the sort of behavior that Kris Wu’s associates engage in)
C: “They’re all very rude”
C: “Let me tell you”
C: “Someone told me”
C: “They said they already knew Wu Yi Fan knows me”
C: “I asked how”
C: “He said you don’t know?”
C: “Before throwing a party together”
C: “They send all of the girls’ photos out” (this is two lines)
C: “And pick”
C: “Pick who they want to invite over for drinks that day”
Du Meizhu: “Like picking concubines?”
C: “Like picking concubines… Turning a sign over when a girl is selected”
kris wu
(Du Meizhu also shared that two of the accounts that contacted her were now deleted: “A” and “Z”.)
“The WeChat account that Wu used to hit on girls has been deleted” (top red font)
“The middleman’s Weibo has also been deleted” (bottom red font)
kris wu
(One screenshot with “Z” showed “Z” trying to meet up with Du Meizhu.)
Z: “I’m awake”
Z: “What time does your class end today?”
Du Meizhu: “Class ends a bit after 8pm”
Z: “Then I will come pick you up a bit after 8pm. I miss you so much”
Du Meizhu: “OK, but we might only be able to meet up for a little bit over an hour”
Z: “That short?”
Z: “Are you still in Beijing?”
Z: “I’m coming back tonight”
Z: “Should we meet”
kris wu
(She shared a screenshot with details from a girl [victim 2] who claimed she was another victim of Kris Wu’s inappropriate actions.)
“He kept drinking with me afterwards and we had a bit too much. That day at the hotel, I became unconscious but we still did it.
Everything was a blur to me when I woke up the next day. I couldn’t really remember what happened because I drank too much. I left first.
Then, the day after, he wanted me at the hotel again to keep him company. And I really thought I might be getting romantically involved with a celebrity. But I didn’t know if I should be scared or happy. It was a feeling that can’t be described.
After that, he left. We still kept in contact at first, but we never met again after that. I fantasized about him contacting me later on… But it was just a fantasy.
He eventually cut off all contact. Recently, something bad happened to me so I wanted to contact him. But I couldn’t find his WeChat account anymore.
I saw that a lot of girls have experienced the same thing as I did… Getting abandoned after being lied to, so I thought I should step forward and talk about this. Girls, don’t let yourselves become someone’s toy — even if that person is some fancy celebrity. You should not underestimate the damage that can do to you.”
kris wu
[There was another screenshot, showing the kinds of messages Kris Wu would allegedly send to other girls.] (from victim 3)
kris wu
Kris: “Do you two want to come together?”
Kris: “I just saw your feed, you two know each other”
Victim 4: “Ex-classmate”
Victim 4: “It seems like you know everyone”
Victim 4: [emojis]Kris: “I also know”
Kris: [blurred out name]Kris: “Hahahahaha”
Kris: “That’s your friend too”

July 8, 2021: Kris Wu released his first denial.

Kris Wu’s lawyers and team issued a statement claiming that all of Du Meizhu’s assertions are untrue and the texts were faked. They indicated that they will use the help of their legal team to protect Kris Wu’s image and reputation.

July 17, 2021: Du Meizhu revealed that Kris Wu’s side asked for a settlement.

Du Meizhu disclosed on her Weibo account on July 17 that Kris Wu’s side had issued her an agreement notice in an attempt to settle the dispute. However, she also disclosed that Kris Wu attempted to circumvent tax concerns by sending her money while exposing the arrangement.

July 17, 2021: Du Meizhu revealed proof that Kris Wu sent her money.

Du Meizhu posted a video of herself recording her phone and displaying transactions from a person she believed to be Kris.

July 18, 2021

Du Meizhu’s first post, on July 18, detailed how Kris Wu’s fans were threatening her friends. She also released another video, this time displaying her discussions with Kris Wu on Alipay, an app that allows users to send and receive payments while simultaneously chatting with one another.

July 18, 2021

Du Meizhu claimed she had sufficient evidence to put Kris Wu in jail for at least ten years. She gave him 24 hours to conduct a news conference, apologize to everyone, and leave China, or she would go much farther. Kris Wu had an STD (sexually transmitted illness) while seeing a female, forcing her to have an abortion, according to one of her accusations.

After that, Du Meizhu made her final post regarding this incident, and she took a more measured approach to her comments, before ending with one last call to action for Kris.

July 19, 2021: Kris Wu denied accusations again.

Kris Wu has come out about the allegations and categorically denied them. He declared on his Weibo account that he never done what others are accusing him of, and that he willingly takes the consequences and culpability for his statements.

However, Du Meizhu also released an interview with Netease, going into detail about the trauma that she faced while seeing Kris Wu.

July 22, 2021: The Chinese police shared progress on the investigation of the case.

kris wu

July 31, 2021: Kris Wu gets detained by the police on suspicions of rape.

Following the first announcement regarding the investigation’s progress, Chinese authorities issued an update on the incident on July 31, announcing that Kris Wu had been arrested on suspicion of rape.

August 2, 2021: Kris Wu’s profile got deleted across Chinese social media platforms.

All Chinese platforms to remove traces of Kris Wu include Weibo, Douyin (TikTok), Toutiao Today, Baidu, Tieba, Tencent Video, iQIYI Video, CCTV Video, Douban, and Chaohua. His music has been erased from several music streaming platforms alongside his profiles, including NetEase, QQ Music, Kugou Music, and Migu Music.

August 8, 2021: Another alleged underage rape victim from Los Angeles, California showed up

On August 10, lawyer Wang Jing told Uschinapress, a newspaper for the Chinese community in the US, that an international student sought her advice on the lawsuit against Wu Yifan. According to the girl, a few years ago, she attended a fan meeting that Kris held in Los Angeles and had the chance to get his personal phone number. After that, the two met privately, and she was sexually abused by him. Lawyers have not provided more details of the case to ensure her privacy. According to Wang Jing, when the incident happened, the girl was a teenager. The lawyer believed that Kris Wu’s victims in the US might be more than one person. She also called on other victims to come forward and denounce Kris Wu’s criminal acts.

August 16, 2021: Kris Wu’s arrest gets approved by the Chinese prosecutors.

On August 16, 2021, the Chaoyang Procurators’ Office stated that Kris Wu had been recommended for arrest. Kris has previously been accused of sexual assault by a number of people, including minors.


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