18-year-old rapper D.Ark is rumored to be dating Lee Seung-ah, singer Sul Woon-do’s daughter, with Lovestagram evidence

Netizens have raised suspicions of Lee Seung-ah, Sul Woon-do’s daughter, dating rapper D.Ark.

Recently, many articles raising rumors of D.Ark and Lee Seung-ah‘s romantic relationship have been constantly posted on online communities. The evidence was pointed out to be Lee Seung-ah and D.Ark’s SNS account. Through the Q&A section, Lee Seung-ah was asked, “What do you think of a man who is 3cm shorter than you?”. She answered, “Him?“, attaching a selfie photo taken with D.Ark. In the released picture, the two were posing for the selfie with a friendly atmosphere, placing their faces side by side. This made netizens doubt the two were actually dating.

D.Ark Lee Seungah

Lee Seung-ah once posted a selfie photo and said, “My face is not big but that’s because your face is small”. It was said that the hand in that photo was also D.Ark‘s. In addition, D.Ark also left a heart emoticon under the comment section of Lee Seung-ah‘s photo, making netizens more suspicious of their romantic relationship.

D.Ark Lee Seungah

D.Ark‘s Instagram also contained several hints. When D.Ark posted, “Do you want to eat spicy cold noodle with me?~”, Lee Seung-ah commented, saying, “With whom?”. In response to Lee Seung-ah‘s comment, D.Ark left a friendly reply, saying, “With you~~”.

D.Ark Lee Seungah

Rapper D.Ark was born in 2004 in Yianbian, Jilin Province, China. He made his face known to the public by appearing on Mnet’s show “High School Rapper 4”. D.Ark, who was involved in several controversies over underage drinking and listening to CD that is not suitable for a teenager under 19, ended his exclusive contract with P Nation last month.

Born in 1996, Lee Seung-ah is known to be the daughter of singer Sul Woon-do. She appeared in KBS2’s “Trot National Festival” last year.

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