Hee Chul (Super Junior) “I can work with my ex-girlfriend if there’s no harm to her”

Hee Chul’s impressive remark about his ex-girlfriend made the whole studio burst into laughter.

Ye Won, Song Ji A and Young Ji appeared in episode 316 of “Knowing Bros” as special guests alongside fixed members such as Hee Chul (Super Junior), MC Ho Dong or comedian Jin Ho. On the occasion of returning with the new product “Freesia”, Young Ji revealed more about the preparation process for the album. She said that she made it with the person who rejected her feelings.


In particular, Young Ji honestly confessed, “I made this album together with rapper Layone. I had a crush on Layone last year, but I was rejected. I felt embarrassed for about 5 months, but I solved it then turned my story into a song.” This sharing quickly attracted the studio’s the attention and raised a question about whether it is possible to work with ex-lovers.

While actress Ye Won thought it might be a wise business decision, member Hee Chul had a completely different opinion. The male idol couldn’t help but sigh when MC Ho Dong suddenly mentioned him. After a long time of thinking, Hee Chul frankly said, “I can do it if there’s no harm to my ex-girlfriend.” Lee Jin Ho asked, “Can you sing in duet with her?” Hee Chul humorously replied, “She might not be a singer, right? I think I can do it as long as she doesn’t get hurt.

Source: BBVN

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