These famous female idols went to the cafeteria under their junior’s name during their trainee days, and the result after

Many girl groups said that it was difficult to diet not only when they were trainees but also after their debut.

Lee Mi-joo, a former member of girl group Lovelyz, appeared on Mnet’s “TMI SHOW” in June and shared the fact that she had to sit down to take shower due to her extreme diet.


TWICE, the nation’s top girl group, was also unable to avoid dieting. TWICE members Momo and Dahyun recently shared their stories on V LIVE, saying that their agency banned them from using the cafeteria when they were trainees because of their diet.

However, they did not give in to the agency’s instructions. They used Stray Kids Bang Chan’s name after eating at the cafeteria.


Of course, this was possible because TWICE and Bang Chan were close. 

As a result of TWICE secretly using the cafeteria, Bang Chan was scolded by the company for eating so much.

The story of TWICE soon became a hot topic among idol fans as a “funny but sad story.”

Stray Kids members, who appeared on YouTube’s web entertainment show “The K Star Next Door” on Oct 16th, called Bang Chan to ask about the authenticity of that story.


Bang Chan said it is true that TWICE used the cafeteria under his name in the past.

He said, “(TWICE) sisters wanted to eat pork belly (which was served at the cafeteria). So I gave them all the meal tickets,” he said calmly.

At that time, Bang Chan was called up and scolded for eating too much at the cafeteria, but he just apologized without revealing the truth. Everyone was greatly moved by Bang Chan’s warm heart thinking of his seniors.

Meanwhile, Stray Kids, including Bang Chan, released their 7th mini-album “MAXIDENT” on Oct 7th. Stray Kids’ new mini-album has become a sensation, selling 2.18 million copies in a week.

They are promoting on various music shows and entertainment programs.

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