Ahead of Oh My Girl’s comeback in March, YooA was suddenly confirmed to have been infected with Covid-19

Oh My Girl YooA was tested positive to Covid-19.

Oh My Girl YooA

WM Entertainment, Oh My Girl’s agency, announced the news on the girl group’s official fancafe on March 6th. The company said, “After being tested positive through a self-diagnosis kit test conducted preemptively on March 5th, YooA immediately took a PCR test and was diagnosis with Covid-19 on March 6th”.

Oh My Girl YooA

WM Entertainment added,YooA has completed 2 doses of Covid-19 vaccination. Currently, she has stopped all activities and is taking some rest as well as necessary measures in accordance with the guidelines of the quarantine authorities. Considering our artist’s health and safety as the top priority, we will do our best and focus on treatment and recovery”.

Oh My Girl

Earlier, Oh My Girl members Hyo-jung and Yu-bin were also confirmed to have Covid-19. The girl group is scheduled to make a comeback as a whole group in March.

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