Both surprise reunion stages of 2NE1 happened thanks to leader CL 

CL played a major role in both reunions of 2NE1 on stage. 

2NE1 recently had a show-stopping performance with all 4 members at the 2022 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California on April 16 (local time). This is 2NE1’s first reunion on stage 6 years after their disbandment was announced. And did you know that this reunion happen mostly thanks to CL

2NE1 surprised fans with a reunion stage at Coachella

Originally, fans only knew that CL would perform her solo songs during 88rising’s “Heads In The Clouds Forever” set at this year’s Coachella, making her the first-ever female K-pop solo act to perform at the world’s largest music festival. However, to everyone’s surprise, CL did not attend Coachella alone. For the finale, she was joined on stage by her fellow 2NE1 members Park Bom, Sandara Park, and Minzy, as they delivered a blazing performance of their smash hit “I Am The Best”.

Years after their disbandment, fans could see 2NE1 performing as four on stage again

Thanks to CL’s introduction, 2NE1 had the chance to make a full-group return after more than half a decade. This is also the second time CL has brought 2NE1 back together on stage to surprise fans. Back in 2015, 2NE1’s legendary reunion stage at MAMA also happened because of CL. CL was invited to perform at Mnet’s year-end award show as a soloist but she asked the members if they wanted to join. 

2NE1’s final stage before disbandment 

At the time, public opinion of the group was not so positive due to Park Bom’s drug controversy, but CL still made sure a 2NE1 reunion stage happen by inviting the members to MAMA. Together, the four gave fans a fiery, emotional, and memorable final stage before they officially parted ways in the following year.

2NE1’s emotional stage at the 2015 MAMA

However, fans also sadly realized that 2NE1 had disbanded. The girls have all built their own careers, 2NE1’s comebacks are all based on 2NE1’s leader, causing non-fans to call 2NE1 as CL’s “attachment”. Although sad but undeniably, CL is the member with the most successful solo career in 2NE1

2ne1 CL
CL is the member with the most successful solo career in 2NE1
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