“She looks like she really hates that… ” Lee Mi-joo’s “extremely angry + disgusted” at this male actor’s behavior

Lee Mi-joo is drawing attention with her disgusted expression toward actor Lee Yi-kyung.

Actor Lee Yi-kyung and Kwon Yu-ri appeared as guests on tvN’s entertainment program “Sixth Sense 3”, which was broadcast on April 15th. In this episode, the members challenge the mission to identify the fake ones among “a new concept bossam kimchi that only sells 10 plates a day”, “a meat restaurant that costs 100 million won for kimchi a year”, and “Korean-only pizza with steamed pork belly kimchi topping”.

lee mi joo

Lee Yi-kyung, who was eating pizza on the show, sat next to Mi-joo and tried to wipe her face with a tissue as she got some sauce on her face while eating. In his embarrassment, Lee Mi-joo screamed at him and made a disgusted expression on her face. 

lee mi joo

When Lee Yi-kyung, who was bewildered, complained, “Didn’t you ask for help?” Mi-joo denied it, saying, “It wasn’t like that.” Netizens who watched the broadcast left comments such as “Mi-joo must really hate that”, “It seems like it’s because they know each other”, and “Yu-ri’s face next to him is funny too”.

lee mi joo
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