Discharged from the military, Park Bo-gum wrote a heartwarming letter to fans who have been waiting for him with unchanging hearts

Actor Park Bo-gum returned with a more manly and mature appearance after being discharged from the military.

On April 30th, Park Bo-gum left a letter to show his affection for fans who have been waiting for him to complete his military service with unchanging hearts.

Through his fancafe, Park Bo-gum greeted and thanked his fans, “It feels so nice to meet you all again on a warm spring day after seven seasons”.

Park Bo Gum

Revealing how he has been doing, the actor said, “I spent 20 months just fulfilling my duties by starting my military service period in the Navy”, adding, “Using up my days off, I exercised, read books, acquired technical qualifications, and filled them uiwth meaningful moments”.

Park Bo Gum

Park Bo-gum said he felt a little regret about the end of his life in the Navy since it was the time when he could face himself who had been so busy with activities in the entertainment industry. 

He also expressed his gratitude to his comrades who had helped him a lot while serving in the military.

Celebrities discharged from the military

Park Bo-gum continued to show his love for fans and promised to continue sharing his future with them. The actor said, “I hope you all have a peaceful time that you can smile and say ‘It was a fine day’, ‘What a good day’ at the end of the day”. 

Meanwhile, Park Bo-gum enlisted in the Navy in August 2020 in the hot mid-summer season and then began his service as a soldier in the cultural promotion team of the Navy’s honor guard. He completed his military service as of April 30th, 2022. 

Returning to his normal life, Park Bo-gum plans to make a comeback in the entertainment industry by being the MC for the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards, which will be held on May 6th.

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