Superb beauty of Korean celebs attending Dior Korea Fashion show through normal camera lens

Through the normal camera lens, will these famous Korean visuals attending the Dior show this year still maintain their gorgeous beauty?

After many years of waiting, the day has finally come for Dior to once again hold a fashion show in Korea. Attending the 2022 Dior fashion show on the afternoon of April 30 were many famous Korean celebrities, from actors to models to idols.


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The beauty of the Korean stars who attended the recent Dior fashion show
2022 Dior Fashion Show
Jisoo looks absolutely beautiful. Smooth skin without a defect, makeup look with perfect red lipstick
2022 Dior Fashion Show
Dubbed the nation’s first love, Suzy was so pretty at today’s event. Suzy’s skin and facial features are still so beautiful even with light make-up
2022 Dior Fashion Show
Dior’s 3rd Ambassador – Kim Yuna looks luxurious and mature in this fashion house’s outfit
2022 Dior Fashion Show
Yeri’s visual is said to be less attractive than other female stars. Her simple dress and light makeup made her look unremarkable
2022 Dior Fashion Show
Ahn Hyo Seop’s skin is smooth in an unedited photo
2022 Dior Fashion Show
Nam Joo Hyuk is still very handsome. The actor wears basic clothes but still looks very modern and trendy and suitable for the fashion show
2022 Dior Fashion Show
Hwang In Yeop looks thinner this time
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