Lovelyz’s Mi-joo confessed she wore bra push-ups after doing the chest high-five with Jessi

Singer Lee Mi-joo said she wore a “pong” (bra push-up) to create a sexy chest line.

tvN’s “Sixth Sense 3”

The first episode of tvN’s “Sixth Sense 3,” which first aired on March 18th, depicts season 2’s cast members gathering in one place and greeting each other happily.

Jeon So-min, who was a cast member in the previous season, will not participate in “Sixth Sense 3” due to her leg injury.

Jessie expressed sadness over the absence of Jeon So-min, who usually did the chest high-five with her when they got excited.

Lee Mi-joo saw Jessie doing the chest high-five with Oh Nara, approached, saying, “Me too, unnie.”

Then Jessie and Lee Mi-joo did the chest high-five but Jessie was not satisfied, saying, “Oh, I have to do this with Somin.”

Jessie then asked, “Hey, why does yours hurt so much?”

In response, Lee Mi-joo honestly confessed that “Pong” (bra push-up), sparking Jessie‘s laughter.

Lee Mi-joo then showed the thickness of the “pong” with her fingers.

Listening to this, Yoo Jae-seok pointed out, “I told you not to spit everything out,” drawing laughter.


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