“Musk scent?” – “6 o’clock. My hometown”… BTS Jungkook brings laughter with his humorous answers on Instagram

On March 18th, Jungkook had time to communicate with fans by hosting “Ask Anything” on his Instagram story.

Jungkook left a question “What should I do now?” and showed affection for fans by answering various questions for about 2 hours. Especially, he gave a storm of laughter with his humorous aspect. A fan asked, “I want to lose weight, but I can’t help being hungry. Hey Jungkook, how can I bear the hunger?” Jungkook made everyone laugh with his answer, “Don’t bear it.” 

BTS Jungkook Ask Me Anything

When asked “My middle school son glared at me” and “I’m going to buy a hand cream. What scent should I buy? Fruit scent? Or musk scent like Jungkook???!!”, Jungkook continued to make fans burst into laughter as he replied “Glare back” and “6 o’clock. My hometown.”

To the questions “I lo… I lo… I like you”, “Look at the mirror, it’ll be the funniest thing!”, “Jungkook, do your feet hurt? Because you’re racing through my heart” and “Think about ARMY”, Jungkook respectively gave witty answers such as “Why can’t you say I love you!”, “Looking at you is funnier”, “No wonder… My feet were throbbing” and “I do this always.”

BTS Jungkook Ask Me Anything

In addition, Jungkook responded “Yes….?” to fans’ comment “My son….”, “Why….” to “Oppa….”, “That way…” to “How do you do it…”, “Just try to come in, it would be…” to “Let’s go find Jungkook’s buttons when he’s gone”, etc. He made fans feel happy by flirting with their silly comments.

As a result, Jungkook aroused enthusiastic reactions from fans, such as, “Isn’t he a genius in making silly jokes?”, “Jungkook is fluttering ARMYs’ hearts again today”, “Jungkook would still be famous even if he were not a celebrity”, “He’s so cute. It’s so heart-fluttering that I still can’t get over it”, “He’s so witty when replying to those silly praises”, “He’s so sweet. I can’t stop smiling because of him”, “Jungkook has always been so funny. His was naturally born with this sense of humor”, “He was being serious, witty, humorous, enthusiastic, passionate, and relaxed for 90 minutes… That’s why I have no choice but to fall for Jungkook”, “Jungkook would be 100% sincere and friendly when it comes to ARMYs”, etc.

Immediately after Jungkook hosted “Ask Anything”, his name rose to No.1 on Twitter’s Worldwide Trending on the same day. With keywords, such as ‘jungkook’, ‘JEON JUNGKOOK’, ‘Our Jungkookie’, Jungkookie’s ‘Ask Anything’”, etc., climbing up on real-time trending charts in 80 countries, Jungkook has proved his global hot popularity.

BTS Jungkook Ask Me Anything


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