How did BTS Jungkook respond to ARMY’s proposal on behalf of Suga?

A lot of ARMYs hope to marry BTS’ Suga and they will do whatever they can to propose to him, which has led to a funny situation with Jungkook.

On March 18, Jungkook responded to some of ARMYs‘ questions via his InstaStory and a funny situation happened to him.

BTS Suga

Specifically, the maknae received an unexpected marriage proposal from ARMY to Suga, which surprised him very much. This ARMY asked Jungkook to grant her assent so that she could propose to BTS Suga

However, the BTS member still replied to this fan. He jokingly asked if this fan thought she was on Suga’s Instagram.

bts jungkook
BTS JungkookSuga

Of course, this is not the first time that this happened. In fact, marriage proposals flood the comments section anytime BTS does a live broadcast, and Suga is frequently the recipient. Before that, V is generally the one who realizes the comments and passes on the message. He’ll do it even if Suga isn’t around!

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