Netizens rank the acting abilities of Korean actresses born in the year 1990

From Kim Tae Ri, Lee Sung Kyung, to Park Shin Hye and more, which actress is regarded to be the most capable by netizens? 

If 1980 gave birth to super well-rounded actresses like Son Ye Jin, Jun Ji Hyun, and Song Hye Kyo, then 1990 also provided quite the range of famous Korean actresses, on both the large and the small screen. Netizens recently tried to rank these beauties in terms of talent, and the list is as below: 

8th place: Go Ara

go ara kim seon ho

Having made her acting debut from quite a while ago, Go Ara has established for herself a rather stable footing in the entertainment industry, with leading roles in every new project. However, her acting skills were said to be average, and thus landed her in 8th place. 

go ara

While Go Ara delivered an outstanding portrayal in “Reply 1994”, one spectacular work was not enough to last her entire lifetime. According to netizens, Go Ara’s later roles often fall short, and the actress made no major transformation across her career. Therefore, she had a hard time competing with the rest of the list. 

7th place: Shin Se Kyung 

shin se kyung

Shin Se Kyung’s acting performances were said to be rather unstable, with some highly praised works and others that received more mixed reactions. Therefore, she was deemed a decent actress by netizens. 

shin se kyung

In particular, Shin Se Kyung struggled to show off her strengths in series like “Bride of The Water God” and “Fashion King”, but managed to shine in “Six Flying Dragons”, “Girl Who Sees Smells”, and “Run On”. Despite her vast experience, Shin Se Kyung’s unstable acting abilities landed her in the 7th position. 

6th place: Yoona 


The reason why Yoona came in 6th place was not because she was a bad actress by any means, rather, she had too strong competitors.  Despite debuting as an idol, Yoona’s dedication and passion for her craft allowed her to immerse herself into her characters, and improve her acting ability over time. 

SNSD Yoona

Alongside successful K-dramas, Yoona also starred in many box office hits. In fact, she was even nominated to become Best Actress in Film at several awards ceremonies. 

5th place: Park Shin Hye 

Park Shin-hye

As a child actor who has the most experience out of this list, Park Shin Hye used to be dearly loved, but was recently said to be a one-trick pony. According to netizens, while Park Shin Hye tried to broaden her range with different types of characters, her acting style stayed the same across most of her works. 

Park Shin-hye

For now, Park Shin Hye is taking a break from acting following her wedding and pregnancy. Hopefully, the actress will be able to make an explosive return. 

4th place: Seo Ye Ji

seo ye ji

Previously, Seo Ye Ji was not a prominent name among the stars born in the 1990s. Fortunately, “Psycho but it’s okay” has brought Seo Ye Ji’s reputation to a new level and the audience knows more about her.

Seo Ye Ji Its Okay to Not Be Okay

Seo Ye Ji has an outstanding acting talent. She is also increasingly attractive. Hopefully, after the unfortunate incident in 2021, Seo Ye Ji will work carefully and also be more successful in the future.

3rd place: Lee Sung Kyung

lee sung kyung

Although she started out as a model, Lee Sung Kyung showed that she can act and how talented she is after starting as an actor. Since playing supporting roles, Lee Sung Kyung has always stood out. After receiving the main roles, she also proved her impressive talent.

Lee Sung Kyung

Lee Sung Kyung has experimented with all kinds of roles. However, her latest project “Shooting Star” was not as successful as expected.

2nd place: Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young‘s career is the dream of many actors. She is famous as a movie actress while also has many sucessful TV series.

Park Bo young

In recent years, Park Bo Young’s career has slowed down a bit because she hasn’t met a really outstanding work. Hopefully, her upcoming project will be successful.

1st place: Kim Tae Ri

Kim Tae-ri
Kim Tae-ri in this year blockbuster “Twenty Five, Twenty One”

It can be said that Kim Tae Ri is the best among the actresses born in the 1990s. This girl always challenges herself in difficult roles whether in movies or TV series, and has earned achievements that are worthy of her talent.


Kim Tae Ri always brings surprises every time she portrays a certain character because no one can predict how she will play out and what image she will have. She has received countless prestigious awards, including the Best Actress award at The Baeksang Art Awards.

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